About us


Prof Services is a marketing & client acquisition consultancy for the professional services sector.

Operating at the intersection of marketing fundamentals, data insights and creativity, we deliver practical and enduring results that equip our clients to grow in influence and income.

We help firms conceive ideas with impact and execute them at speed and scale, whilst building glowing reputations, trust, credibility and improving visibility to connect with engaged clients.

No matter the challenge, our focus is on helping professional services organisations propel and prosper.

Who we are

We’re a team of professional services marketers and innovators, offering unparalleled sector knowledge and experience with an approach that is built on principles of respect for our people, our clients and our work. 

We continually strive for better ways to serve our clients’ changing needs and subscribe to the constant pursuit of learning and knowledge, developing new capabilities across the marketing spectrum and bringing new skills and talent to our team. 

What we do

We help firms and their leaders understand what marketing is, and what it isn’t. What follows is a journey to reimagine and remodel the role, value and contribution of marketing to the firm in terms of client acquisition.

Marketing as a concept is about matching your firm’s capabilities with the needs of clients. Our services are designed to improve your understanding of your clients and the prevailing market forces, to realign your capabilities – whether to meet existing needs or to meet new needs – and to determine the activities required to acquire clients.

How we do it

Professional services leaders approach us to solve problems. Often the problems are industry-defining: deregulation, multi-faceted competitive forces and financial challenges that require bold, innovate and agile solutions.

We help flip the odds to achieve extraordinary results. Our solutions are underpinned by market insights, idea generation, rigorous methodology and advances in technology to help clients achieve sustained performance improvement and unlock new sources of growth.

We partner with our clients to improve their understanding of their clients, improve their capabilities and help improve their marketing performance. Operating at any level of the organisation, whether as a trusted adviser to senior management or as a hands-on coach for frontline employees, we help clients to put recommendations into practice and work with them over the long-term to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.