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Creative solutions

Logo Design for Professional Services Firms

A logo needs to be readable, versatile and memorable even before it leaves the drawing board.

Logo design is about interpreting a brand through an iconic mark or logotype. It is a visual device that will serve as an instantly recognisable calling card for a professional service firm, and will reflect the essence of the service in its make-up.

But before anything is put to paper or pixel, it is important to consider where it will appear and who in the world will see it. Only once a thorough understanding is reached can the creative process truly begin.

As a marketing agency for professional services, at Rokman Laing we appreciate how important a logo is to the success of a professional services brand, so we always do the right amount of consultation and research before we begin the logo design process.

How else we help

Brand audit

Analyse your current position and discover new insights into your brand with a net result of helping you grow your bottom line.

Brand guidelines

Development of guidelines will support consistency and cohesion across your organisation in the application of your brand.

Brand identity development

Engage your target audiences with a relevant brand identity that will help differentiate your firm and communicate its proposition.

Brand strategy development

An effective brand strategy will deliver high levels of engagement with internal and external audiences to drive your business forward.

Event branding

Maximise the opportunity to showcase yourfirm through quality, creative branded design, supported by strong messaging.

Internal branding

We can advise on design strategies and campaigns to engage your internal audiences.


When the time is right for a change in your visual identity, we bring a distinctly commercial perspective to what can be a highly emotive process, taking into account the needs of all of your targetaudiences throughout the project.

Internal branding

We can advise on design strategies and campaigns to engage your internal audiences.